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Take 5 with Rhys and Kiri Roberts

Rhys and Kiri Roberts are part of the Align Farming group based in Mid Canterbury, Rhys is the General Manager and Kiri manages one of the dairy farms. Aligns farms milk circa 4000 cows over 1700 hectares, fully self-contained. Kiri is passionate about cows and tidy farms and Rhys enjoys people and risk management.

In 5-10 words what is your farming philosophy?

Better people make better farmers

What is one of your favourite views on your farm?

Our team heading home at the end of every day

What do you think employees look for in an employer these days?

Employees are very savvy now, their expectation for growth shines clearly and a real need for the employer to be nimble and keep them safe at work. I enjoy the way millennials approach our workplace, they come with such freedom and love to challenge the status quo. I find it refreshing.

What do you do to switch off from the farm?

It’s funny really; I have done the full circle. I use the farm to switch of from my role within our business. Lately I have found health and fitness to be a great switch off; it’s also hard to go past time with the family.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Participative- I enjoy engaging with all parties to push thinking and improve outcomes also being present and accessible.

What podcasts or tools would you suggest to someone who would like to learn more?

I use an APP called Blinkist – It shortens all non-fiction books to 15 minutes reads. I find it very handy.

I also believe in trial and error, become good at self-reflection and then go make some mistakes learn from them and grow.

Anything else you would like to share about employing well to create a positive team culture?

The things that cost money don’t get remembered. The things that don’t cost money DO!! Listen to your people; they are the best feedback to employing a new team member. They know what they want.

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