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Take 5 with Liam and Lauren Kelly

Liam and Lauren Kelly are in their second season 50/50 share-milking 680 cows and contract milking a 520 cow farm, located between Rakaia and Leeston in Canterbury. Both farms are owned by Lauren's parents Marv and Jane Pangborn.

The Kellys were nominated by a fellow Millennium Farming Ambassador when asked who exhibits the following leadership behaviour: speak well to - and of - your team. They took five minutes to share how they work to shape the culture of farming for their team and their family.

1. In 5-10 words what is your farming philosophy?

To operate a growing sustainable business in all aspects while supporting the family business and expanding the opportunities for loyal team members.

2. What is one of your favourite views on your farm?

Watching cows graze top quality pasture.

3. What ways do you intentionally choose to talk to your team to make them want to stay?

From day one we are always interested and asking questions about their values and goals. We try our best to allow them to reach their goals within our business ultimately or help them find a new position for them to reach their goals with another well-respected employer.

4. What do you do to switch off from the farm?

We like to spend time with our daughter, play and watch sport, catch up with friends and family.

5. How would you describe your leadership style?

Lead from the front, showing the standard expected, then allow team members to take control.

6. What podcasts or tools would you suggest to someone who would like to learn more?

"I've only just started to listen to podcasts but have enjoyed listening to driven successful individuals from different industries or sport. It's amazing how similar the challenges are and the sacrifices to be made no matter what profession you choose.

"I've attended many seminars and courses which have been of such value but I can't stress the importance to go home and implement by being open to change," Liam said.

Anything else you would like to share?

It is so important to work for the right employer for you. This can accelerate your progression from personal to career goals. Working for the wrong employer can hold you back for many years.

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