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5 in 5 with Matt and Lynley Wyeth


"As 4th and 6th generation on our farms we want to carry on the legacy of our forefathers and leave our land in the best condition possible for future generations." -Matt and Lynley Wyeth

1. In less than 20 words, what is your farming philosophy?

Look after your people, stock, and land then they will look after you.

2. What is your favourite time of the year on farm and why?

Spring is definitely our favourite time of year. It’s when all the magic happens and the new life appears. The new seasons pastures and crops go in the ground and all the hard work you did to prepare for lambing pays off.

That being said, spring is also the toughest. It’s long hours, tough weather conditions, and it determines whether we can either make it or break it.

3. What are some of the things you do to create a successful team?

It’s all about developing a positive culture within our team. We have fun while we work and we would never expect a team member to do something we won’t do ourselves.

Each month we have a team meeting and vote on a team member who gets awarded the Spring Valley Cup and a pressie card. This helps create a bond and positive working environment. We never call our team members “staff” it sounds a bit demeaning to us.

4. What do you do to switch off from the farm?

That’s tricky because for us we don’t switch off unless we go right away and that doesn’t happen very often.

We do like to go to Riversdale beach with the kids for a week in the summer.

Matt likes to get away for hunting & fishing trips and I'm pretty keen on riding my horse & shopping.

5. How would you describe your leadership style?

To lead from the front and by example. Understanding individuals learning and personality styles certainly helps too.

Bonus Question

6. Five words to describe your farming team -

Innovative, Motivated, Hilarious, Loyal, Efficient

Spring Valley Enterprises is a 1600ha sheep and beef breeding and finishing business spread over three farms in the Wairarapa. Matt and Lynley Wyeth manage a team of six to run 14,000su comprised of Highlander sheep and Angus cattle.

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