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Millennium Farming Growth Workshop

This workshop is aimed at Next Generation farmers and Enabler managers from across the farming industry.

Next Generation farmers -people who want a career in farming and want to shape the future of farming. They are likely working on a farm at the moment and want to get ahead while enjoying farming AND life. We deliberately haven’t specified an age bracket.

Enabler managers - people running a farm at the moment (may own it) who want to attract the brightest and best next gen farmers into their business and provide them with a great leadership environment and thus foster innovation in their business.

What will you get from this?

Inspiration, energy, connections, and commitment to reach the goal of managing your own farm. Be challenged and supported to double your trajectory.

You'll get feedback on your plans in a “dragons den” environment: Next gen farmers on what your future farm will be. Enabler managers on how you will attract the best young people into your business to help you innovate and grow

Ideas on the future of farming and how you can adapt.

The ability to manage yourself and your relationships through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training including completing a Strengths Finder Questionnaire.

Bottom line- we want to double your trajectory!!

Who is running the workshop?

Sarah Tocker is a leadership specialist, a business coach and facilitator. Her areas of expertise include behavioural change, authentic leadership, communication, conflict management and strategic leadership development.

She works with a wide variety of people both, individually and across organisations. As a facilitator Sarah has a very direct style, and she likes getting to the nub of the issue in the most efficient way.

Millennium Farming has established the workshop as a vehicle to help young people get the best leadership environment possible and to help them progress in the industry.

Millennium Farming is a group of volunteers who are working with Stuart Taylor to promote the messages within his Kellogg Rural Leadership report “The dream that made us”. We believe that good leadership will attract the brightest and best into farming and will foster the innovation and progress which is the hallmark of New Zealand farming.

Millennium Farming has six partners in delivering the workshop. They share our goal of fostering young people and innovation through great leadership.

Our partners are BNZ, FMG, Gallagher, H&T, NZ Rural Leadership Trust and DairyNZ

What is the programme?

We have four main components:  Ideas on future of farming and future of your farm

 Personal development around EQ-start the journey

 My plan -personal and strategy plan to reach ambitious goals- Strengthened in “Dragons den” format

 Millennium Farming role in supporting industry change and supporting implementation of personal plans

Here are the learning outcomes:

 Understand the latest research into what makes agriculture businesses thrive and develop

 Learn about your own leadership and how to make a real difference to your people and your business

 Create, test and refine your own project plan with expert advice on the factors that make a difference

 Meet other leaders in the sector and learn from them

 Define what your strengths are and how to apply them for the best outcome

 Learn how to lead people when you’re under pressure or there is conflict

 Hear from industry experts about what changes they see in the sector

 Understand the growth areas for your own leadership and development, and gain support and skills to increase your own effectiveness

What are the practical details?

From: 8.30am Saturday 30 June To: 4.30pm Sunday 1 st July

At Tatum Park Levin Accommodation and meals are arranged at Tatum Park including an evening meal on Saturday. We will have plenty of room for the full workshop group and for working in breakout rooms.

What will it cost?

You need to pay $160 GST inclusive for your dinner bed and breakfast at Tatum park as well as the processing of your personal Strengths Finder survey.

Millennium Farming and our partners are providing the facilitation, course materials and workshop venue costs.

How do I register?

Please email your details to: And we’ll be in touch

Will there be any follow-up?

A key part of your development plan will be opportunities to continue growing your EQ and skills base and we will provide contacts for that.

We’ll also talk with the group about what would work for you in ongoing contact near the end of the workshop. We certainly want to hear how Millennium Farming can best support you. We envisage there will be an opportunity for Alumni catchups either in person or by webinar and of course there is always our social media pages to keep sharing information.

To discuss further email and one of the MF team will call you ASAP.

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