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Find your teams key drivers.

How do you drive innovation within your team? Millennium Farming has a belief that innovation starts and ends with great people and requires great leadership to make this cultural shift that we aim for within our industry.

It's amazing how many farms do not find out what drives people, for me it is about first and foremost being a team member and included in what the farm overall targets are. It's about socialising with like minded people and sharing our achievements and lessons we've learned from what works and what doesn't work, no one ever farms the same and no way is the right or the wrong way. Its about what suits different cost structures and farm systems.

In sight of the new season. Do you want to drive your team or do you need some spare hands to help make your day easier? Dairy NZ helps your team climb that ladder by the free community events that are locally organised. I believe we are all chasing sustainability and long term goals for an effective lifestyle. Thankfully in NZ there is a career path within the Dairy industry. However, structures have changed from the family farm to the more corporatised which makes it seemingly more challenging to progress but with the right support and determination it's still achievable.

Personally , I'm very ambitious within the industry so I've found a lot of people who have a wealth of knowledge are there and it really broadens your views. Dairy NZ work with councils, farmers and authorities to help ensure sound policy development tackling environmental issues head on. Three years of a low payout created a lot of discussion for the industry on trying to find the silver lining. During the low payout topics were interesting, getting that wider view from neighbouring farms all wearing the same gloomy hat. It may not have been relevant to me at the time, but it's given me a realistic view of how we can work our way around these dairy hurdles.

It's also a great way of discussing arising environmental changes and keeping up to date with all those rules and regulations. There's all sorts of eye opening discussions and the people aspect of it all is great. You actually can regain your social sanity again thanks to the like minded farmers in your area . You will all experience similar struggles at the same time during unpredicted seasons, resparking your feed management strategies.

Dairy is always somewhat challenging and for us as younger staff trying to progress we thrive on these struggles and take note for what may cross our paths in years to come.

I believe Dairy NZ discussion groups are a great network and we need to remind farm owners, who want to see their staff progress, of that.

Even if you have progressed far, it doesn't mean you have to stop.

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