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The Dream That Made us

The Kellogg Paper that started it all.

When looking at people and culture, it is difficult to use traditional academic processes to understand how we see the world, and how we think and feel. This is because the influences on humans tend to be more around emotions, rather than logic. Traditional academic process has been around logic or critical thinking, and this has served us well but I have strayed away from this discipline to explain the emotion behind our culture. I have chosen to deliver this paper in way that can explain the perception or the emotion of our culture - The Culture of Dairy Farming.

Millennium Farming - Dairy Jersey Cows
Millennium Farming - Kintore - Hereford
Millennium Farming - Kintore Farm
Millennium Farming - Stu Taylor
Millennium Farming - Stu Taylor
Millennium Farming - Jersey Dairy Cow
Millennium Farming - Dairy Cows Calves

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