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Farming in New Zealand?
Are you happy?

Dairy farmers should be able to enjoy their work, family and personal life.

Millennium Farming has been created to promote change in mindset and culture, to shift from a ‘we’ve always done it this way’ attitude to one which promotes a healthy working environment and personal lifestyle. We will provide techniques and thought provoking conversation to our people around the need for a change to ensure the sustainable future of our industry.

We are going to start the conversation around how dairy farmers can get back to calling farming a ‘lifestyle’. It’s about triggering a mindset change, which in turn promotes a culture change on farm. We want farm workers to have a healthy and fulfilling life and family outside of it.

The concept of Millennium Farming has been developed from Stu Taylor’s Kellogg Rural Leadership project ‘The dream that made us.’ You can find a copy here.

“The New Zealand dairy industry has been built on a dream to own your own farm. This dream has dominated our behaviour for the last 100 years and is hard-wired into our psyche.  It is this core belief that drives how we operate farms and how we employ people.  As we have moved away from the traditional family farm and increased in scale, we work with and employ more people than in the past and because of this, tensions have risen.  Negative conversations regarding staff have replaced the weather as the main conversations at dairy farmer social outings.  But what do we do? We wait for it to get better …. because farmers are really good at waiting”

- Stu Taylor, The dream that made us

“A farmer has to be an optimist or we still wouldn’t be farming” - Will Rodgers


Millennium Farming

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